A Life of Their Own: Seeking Care for Elderly Loved Ones

Caring for your aging parents? More and more adult children are experiencing role reversal as they are finding themselves as their parents’ caregivers.

At Mount Royal Towers, we care for life.

We want to provide you with options like home care in Boise, so that your parents receive the care that they deserves. With a full range of care services, residents can stay at the community and received the care needed.


Whether residents require the addition of a services such as medication management or round the clocking skilled nursing is needed, our community can provide the right care at the right time.

Researching options? We can assist with advice and resources. Please contact our marketing team.

Life Worth Living: Financial Solutions


Medicare is our country’s health insurance program for people age 65 or older. The program helps with the cost of health care, but it does not cover all medical expenses or the cost of most long-term care.

Medicare’s 4 Parts:

(Part A) Hospital insurance that helps pay for inpatient care in a hospital or skilled nursing facility (following a hospital stay), some home health care and hospice care.

(Part B) Medical insurance that helps pay for doctors’ services and many other medical services and supplies that are not covered by hospital insurance.

(Part C) Medicare Advantage plans are available in many areas. People with Medicare Parts A and B can choose to receive all of their health care services through one of these provider organizations under Part C.

(Part D) Prescription drug coverage that helps pay for medications doctors prescribe for treatment.

Medicare & You: The Official US Government Medicare Handbook


Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that helps with medical costs for some people with limited income and resources. Each state has different rules about eligibility and applying for Medicaid. You may be eligible for Medicaid if you have limited income and are any of these:

  • 65 or older
  • A child under 19
  • Pregnant
  • Living with a disability
  • A parent or adult caring for a child
  • An adult without dependent children (in certain states)
  • An eligible immigrant

To learn more about eligibility for Medicaid in Alabama click on link below.

Medicaid in Alabama

ElderLife Financial Services

ElderLife offers flexible loan programs that are ideal for those who need supplemental funding for senior living while they wait for other benefits, such as Veteran’s Aid & Attendance, to begin; or may need a bridge loan until a home sells. These simple, convenient financing options are available to both residents and families. Find out more by visiting or by contacting Mount Royal Tower’s marketing department.

ElderLife Financial

Tax Deductibility Benefits

Present law provides that an individual can deduct from taxable income certain medical expenses associated with living in nursing facilities, personal care homes and assisted living communities for the purpose of receiving medical care. This deduction may be applicable for adult children or certain other relatives who are paying a portion or all of a resident’s costs associated with living at Mount Royal Towers. Consultation with a tax professional is strongly advised before making financial decisions.

Veterans Benefit

Benefits are available for U.S. Veterans or the surviving spouses of a veteran. Mount Royal Towers salutes U.S. Veterans and wants them to be aware of a VA Benefit program that can reduce your cost of assisted living. As a Veteran you or your spouse may be eligible for up to $2,120/month toward Assisted Living care at Mount Royal Towers. Find out more by contacting Mount Royal Tower’s marketing department.

Semi-Private Accommodations

Semi-Private Accommodations give residents an affordable roommate option without sacrificing any of Mount Royal Tower’s amenities, programs and services. Find out more by contacting Mount Royal Tower’s marketing department.